Fully customizable plate steel or aluminum shelving system offered in a number of configurations to match your design. This system is intended for new construction or remodels.



1 )   Choose from the three design templates :    WALL ,    BOOKCASE ,   COUNTER
2 )   Determine your BUILDING CONDITION for that template
3 )   Choose from the DESIGN OPTIONS for the frame of your shelving unit
4 )   Then CUSTOMIZE the layout of your shelving unit by filling out our Purchasing Guide
5 )   Scan your sketch and email us at
6 )   We will give you a quoate and finalized drawings in less than a week
7 )   Place your order. Typical lead-time is 6 weeks



We can only give you a base price for the most basic configuration for each template. Due to the amount of customization avaible in these designs, each shelving unit is priced individually. Pricing is adjusted based on size, material, finish, and added accessories such as cabinet doors.

$5,000 +     Standard Wall Unit
$3,000 +     Standard Bookcase Unit
$3,500 +     Standard Credenza Unit