R9R / Side Table

Added on by Connor Irick.

Blackened steel side table for a media room. This project was in collaboration with Meyer Wells who made the solid wood removable tray that keys into the top of the frame. 

SHOP / Circular Mirror

Added on by Connor Irick.


This 3/8" steel mirror frame is being rolled on our shop built roller and will be brass plated.  The back of the mirror frame has a machined rabbet cut to receive the mirror and cover its edge.  Similar mirrors will soon be available in our product line in both circular and rectangular configurations.


Added on by Connor Irick.

The repurposed prized chair salvaged from the Aspen Ski-lift now functions as a deck swing with a view. The chair is suspended off the rafters and is clamped to 1/2" stainless cable at the pivot point.  Click the photos to see more.